Client Testimonials

"Our decision to hire Shay to shoot our golf course was one of the best we have made over the past several years. Shay's ability to capture images that represent the beauty and challenge of our golf course was extraordinary. I had seen Shay's work before and I knew how talented he was as a photographer. His experience as a golf professional, however, separates him from other photographers. This can be seen both in his ability to move seamlessly around the golf course shooting without disrupting play as well as with his unique perspective of what is appealing to a golfer's eye. Our Board of Directors was incredibly impressed with the images we were given by Shay after his time on the course."

Craig Plumley, PGA Head Golf Professional,-El Niguel Country Club

"Shay has been associated with The Bridges for over 10 years and the club feels fortunate to have had him here creating positive experiences through his photography and professionalism in golf. Whether photographing golf or social events here at the club or capturing personal events with our members and their guests, Shay has a talent to create exceptional experiences for his clientele which last forever. At the Bridges our members' expectations are set very high every time they drive through the gates. Shay's professionalism matches their expectations day in and day out. We currently use Shay Art images for our website, offices, newsletters, signage, calendars, retail items and email promotions. He is 100% reliable and with his association as PGA Professional, we have complete trust in him to work cohesively with our operation, staff and membership. I can't imagine hiring anyone else for our photographic needs!"

Steve Wilson, PGA Director of Golf, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe

"Shay: Just a quick note of thanks about the images from our shoots. You are one of a small number of photographers who we use that has the ability to really listen to what we want and I know that while I might have a clear picture in my mind of what we want, it is often a challenge to effectively verbalize. So, your mind reading skills match your technical skills, nice combo. Solid and very usable images make my life so much easier. Keep me in the loop on any new projects and I look forward to have you create more images for us at Golf Digest."

Marty Hackel, Fashion Editor-Golf Digest Magazine

"Shay's a great photographer and a great guy! Our board and membership are really happy with what he produced. He was really easy to work with, actually he was like a ghost. I never saw him and then, all of a sudden, he's done! Using his services was a pleasure."

Scott Heyn, PGA General Manager at Oakmont Country Club

"Shay was amazing to work with. Not only was he professional, but he could also get my kids to smile and actually have FUN while taking photos. His work is stunning, and he really listens when you explain the type of “look” you are going for. One of the aspects, though, that was most appreciated was his ability to maintain the privacy of our family. We could take comfort in knowing the photos he took would not be used in public. That made the shoot more relaxed and we felt like we could really be ourselves. Shay’s work speaks for itself. But the experience of working with him was truly unique, comfortable, and extremely enjoyable. I just can’t seem to say enough about Shay. He’s the best!" 

Tina Mickelson-Topacio, PGA Teaching Professional

"I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for your help in getting the photos up on the wall…and for taking such amazing shots!! They are spectacular and completely change the office. I just saw the cairn in front and am blow away. It is just perfect and we can’t thank you enough! Appreciate you."

Rolf Benirschke, Former NFL Player and Local Legend

"Every aspect of working with Shay is easy except the difficult task of selecting among the his vast array of amazing photographic images. Shay is professional, thoughtful, works in a timely manner, and his ability to mock up what size image works best in a particular application is beyond helpful for any size project. Having an office filled with Shay’s artwork makes our space more personal and enjoyable, not to mention the compliments we get on “our” collection."

Dana Chaiken, Owner-Roll-Chaiken Enterprises, Carlsbad Golf Center

"After reviewing Shay's perspective from behind the lens, it created for me a whole new appreciation for the course where I set foot on a daily basis. Shay handled everything like a Pro from beginning to end. I loved the fact that I could be hands free and had full trust in him to get it done!"

Philip Rodriguez,  General Manager, Vista Valley Country Club

"We are excited to share that your beautiful photography has truly brought the Legacy brand to life! Not only do our offices reflect a powerful story of the patient journey, but our new website now brings that message home. Our design agency was immediately drawn to your photos and the natural and manmade pathways that are threaded throughout each image. They played with that theme and layered on the sketching design elements in an effort to depict the personalization and customization of our patient programs. Further exploring the idea that everyone’s story may be different, but that the beauty lies in those journeys that are taken together. Thank you again!"

Kori Karstrom, Project Manager-Legacy Health Strategies

"On behalf of our entire team at Emerald Isle Golf Course I can’t thank you enough for the incredible photos you took of our property. Your images went well beyond what we thought could be captured of our course, and the combination of your photographic talent and visual artistry helped portray exactly what we want our customers to see and feel when they visit both our website and the golf shop at Emerald Isle. In addition to being very affordable, we most appreciated the extra time, attention and guidance you provided us through the process. We started with only a general idea of what we wanted, and it was your vision and professional insight that helped us put together a photo gallery that captured the true essence of our course and our business. Not once did we have any customers comment that you were in the way or impeding play whatsoever while you were taking photos, and quite frankly we are still amazed at how much you were able to accomplish in such a short period of time on the course. It is fair to say that from beginning to end our experience with you and ShayArt has been an absolute joy. Thank you for your time, treasure and talents Shay, and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Holly Kennedy, PGA-Owner Emerald Isle Golf Course

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