Aluminum Exhibition Prints

     These are incredible, glossy, "HD" prints. The dyes are infused into aluminum panels under vacuum conditions at 400 degrees. These are incredibly durable and resistant to all manner of elements that would normally  be bad for a photo print (except direct sunlight). The panel is then bonded onto a 2mm thick black styrene panel for enhanced aesthetics and longevity.

Our stock product appears frame-less, with a recessed, inset black sub-frame securely fixed to the back of the print. This gives this print the illusion of floating off of the wall. Can also be framed by you or us. No glass or matting used or needed when adding a traditional frame as the print needs no protection whatsoever.

Gallery Canvas

     These fine art giclee prints on canvas material are wrapped around a wooden box frame and ready to hang on your wall. They are very lightweight, have great longevity (100 year inks) and are really popular. Canvas prints are framed with a narrow wooden "floater frame" available in several colors.

Acrylic Face Mounts

     Likely the most popular current print product with fine art photographers and collectors alike. The print is sandwiched between optically clear acrylic glass and a stiff backing material. Finished with a sub-frame for hanging and stability. Frameless.

Fine Art Prints     Prints ordered through this site are produced by a special division of a fantastic professional lab in California. "Lustre" is our recommended finish, although glossy and matte finishes are also available by contacting us. "Metallic" paper is essentially reflective silver in color, instead of white, and provides a unique and brilliant look to bold, colorful images.

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