It is a valuable tool to understand file sizes and cropping. My native files are at almost 8,000 pixels wide (42MP)!  The average webpage is currently at around 1,024 pixels wide and most web photos are less than 600px wide. This means that a Shay Art image is at least 10-20 times larger than it needs to be for the web and can be cropped aggressively for web use.

Below you will find sample images and then several "cropped" versions all from that same image; high quality and suitable for web use. As you can see, each image can be easily modified into several versions. Several photos for the price of one!

When printing images, a 42MP file can be used to print virtually unlimited sizes.

Full image on left, Cropped version on right.

Full image on left, cropped version on right

Original Image

Crops from Original

  • DSC00438ban
  • DSC00438lg
  • DSC00438lk
  • DSC00438rg
  • DSC00438sq
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