Golf Course Projects-FAQ

My images are ready, how do I get my pictures?

At the upper right of each gallery there is a button that says "download all". When you click that button, you will enter your email and password (supplied by ShayArt) and a download link will be created and emailed to you in a short time. If the download is very large, it will be split into a few smaller parts for easier downloading. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER...AND MAKE BACKUPS! The purpose of your webpage is to provide your files to you electronically, not as an online storage device or online access. There is no guarantee that your files will always be online or available in the future. I provide files this way because it's instant, quick and convenient. Legally, I also have to charge you sales tax if I send you a disc, so this saves you substantial dollars.

What format and specifications are the photos?

Photos are originally shot in RAW format and then processed, edited and converted into a jpeg image using the highest quality processes available and using the latest software. The large images are 8 bit and usually in sRGB colorspace. With the gear I'm currently using, average file size is 25-30MB and approximately 7,900px by 5,300px. I will also provide all of your photos in a much smaller size that is suitable for the web, emails etc. These files will be jpeg also, in web-standard sRGB colorpace, compressed to photoshop quality 8-9 and average 250KB and 1024 pixels on the longer end. Should you need something specific, please let me know BEFORE we start the project and I 'll be happy to edit with that in mind.

What can I do with my photos?

The images can be used for websites, email blasts, newsletters, brochures, print media, advertising, scorecards, magazine/news articles etc. Don't overlook the retail potential of photo gifts like mouse pads, photo-books, framed prints, coasters, playing cards, greeting cards etc.  Your images are suitable for fine art prints in unlimited sizes. If you wish to make large prints (over 16x20), please let me know and I'll be happy to go over the images with an eye for any details that may enhance your print. You can use your files to print with lab of your choice or I'll be happy to send through my labs at wholesale cost +20%, payable in advance.

What is your philosophy on editing and Photoshop?

It all depends. In general, I want to create an image that is both realistic and beautiful. In terms of golf course photography (my specialty) I attempt to create a very realistic image that also takes into account the fact that my client wants the course to look its best. With this in mind, I will use artistic license to improve little issues like removing leaves or fixing brown spots. I try not to fix everything perfectly though, it is normal to see some inconsistencies and so I will leave in some imperfections for realities' sake. You can read more about my editing and workflow HERE. I did name my business ShayArt instead of Shay Photography partly because I felt like I wanted to create on occasion, instead of purely capture. Every photographer uses Photoshop, just like they all use a camera.  “Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” – Ansel Adams

What about cropping?

It is a valuable tool to understand file sizes and cropping. My native files are at almost 8,000 pixels wide (42MP)! The average webpage is currently at around 1,024 pixels wide and most web photos are less than 600px wide. This means that a Shay Art image is at least 10-20 times larger than it needs to be for the web and can be cropped aggressively for web use. Here you will find sample images and then several "cropped" versions all from that same image; high quality and suitable for web use. As you can see, each image can be easily modified into several versions. Several photos for the price of one!

How can I know that I will like the photos?

You can do your research. The work I produce is clearly visible on my homepage and sample galleries. Admittedly, these include some very incredible images that were captured at just the right time, on just the right day, in just the right light. That's part of the service, to be on site sun-up and sun-down in hopes of capturing some magic! I will be happy to share with you actual full galleries of completed projects and you can decide. I make it my priority to under-promise and over-deliver. To date, my clients have been 100% pleased and overwhelmed with what I provided. See my Testimonials for more.

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