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Dream Bedroom

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This client came up with a fabulous idea of making this image (from Ontario, Canada) into a black and white hybrid. It is 72" high and was printed on canvas with a minimal black floater-type frame. Came out spectacular!

Thank You!

From a recent install up in north Los Angeles. The images in this office are shown below, with more to come!

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  • Driftwood

December 2016-New Install

Installed 22 pieces in an amazing office building in San Diego. These are all fine art acrylic face-mount pieces with metallic paper and stand-off bolt hardware. Sizes ranging from 24x36 up to 34x52. What an incredible collection of images here!

Just picking up my new untitled piece!


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I was shocked when visiting a friend to see this piece on his wall! He bought it around 2 years earlier and had it framed in anticipation of a new house. I had completely forgotten until I saw it!

It's been a busy year for travel! Been to Jackson Hole, Florida, Vegas 3 times, Valley of Fire twice, Zion twice, Kanarraville, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Escalante, Yosemite, Eastern Sierra, Death Valley twice. Would go more if I could, I'm happy on the road (with reasonable lodging)!

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Recent events captured by ShayArt

Showing some beautiful acrylic pieces at an opulent country club in Orange County! The larger piece is 72" wide.

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Big install in a beautiful office building in San Diego. These pictured are 1/2 thick acrylic face mount metallic images. Stand off bolts giving a modern look that the owner loves!

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While I am not really a portrait or wedding photographer, I occasionally get talked into shooting something. I nearly always enjoy it too! Here are some favorite recent images.

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I'm glad to say that I won a nice 2nd Place ribbon at the photo Exhibition this year of the San Diego County Fair!

San Diego Fair 2016

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Here a few samples from a golf course photography project at Oakmont CC in Glendale,  CA. What a great and gorgeous country club! More info at Oakmont Website. (soon to be updated with new photos!)

Oakmont CC

Came across this article for the UT recently. Things have come a long way since 2013!

While I don't offer video services professionally, I have produced a few fun and scenic video projects.

Click here to see the videos!


Golf Course Photography project for a friend at Vista Valley CC. Great place in North County, San Diego and connected to the Cal-a-vie Spa. More info here. New website under construction.

Vista Valley

New-Golf Course Project

Photos below are a few from a recently completed Golf Course portfolio project at the fabulous El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, CA.  Visit their site here at El Niguel CC

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  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
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  • Untitled photo

Office Install-Legacy Health Strategies

About 30 pieces in this office building. The were mostly Direct UV Print to 1/2" thick white PVC panels with 3/4" back sub-frames. Economical and classy too! We also did a couple of photo prints on Ultraboard and one Acrylic Facemount premium piece in their lobby.  You can see more ShayArt images on their website Legacy Health Strategies.

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ShayArt was commissioned to capture images from this fine little golf course and then turn them into hanging wall art. We did about a dozen photos in the clubhouse and restrooms.

Emerald Isle Golf Course

ShayArt had 7 images accepted into the San Diego County Fair International Photo Exhibition this year. Fortunate to win a couple of ribbons again!

SD Fair 2015

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A recent install of 3 premium canvas gallery wraps at 32"x48".

Corporate Lobby

This was a fantastic project for even better clients! Over 20 huge Aluminum pieces. Long day of install, but everything came out perfect! Needed to use a forklift to get the immense crates off of the truck!

Office project all done in HD Aluminum. Great stuff!

This was a fun project for a client who certainly has an amazing eye for design! This consisted of 12 individual canvas-wrap frame panels of 16"x17", each with black edges. Professionally installed by Lizz Lang Art.

Canvas Panel Project

Award winning Baby Bobcat photo on exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum, Ordoever Gallery, "Best of Nature" Show.

New Install

Here are two images that we installed, October 2014 in a private residence. The frameless piece is a 1/4" acrylic face mount that went into a bathroom and the other is an 80" wide custom framed and matted image in a hallway (pictured is professional installer, David Hurst).

A note on Editing. There is much discussion in our world about photo editing and Photoshop.

Like it or not, all photos you've seen have been edited in some way or another. Our cameras start the process. The camera's computer makes decisions on your behalf as you take a photo and it is the camera that decides things like lighting, sharpness, contrast, color etc. Every serious or commercial photographer uses tools like Photoshop to make adjustments to an image. It's a necessary evil because our cameras are incapable of reproducing a scene the same way our eyes see it. As you look at the edited image below, for instance, you can see a great difference (and improvement) in the sky. The walkway is sharper and has more texture. There are many subtle changes that have been made to this image, not to create something "fake", but actually to help reproduce the scene as closely as possible to the way I saw it at the time of capture.  When your camera creates a "jpeg" image, it throws away about 80% of the image information that it has. This is why many pros (myself included) shoot in a format called RAW. A RAW image contains all of the information that the camera had at the time of shooting and allows the photographer to make much better changes and decisions to the file in post-processing.

When discussing event and portrait photography the same topics apply, except we are talking about dozens to hundreds of images. Editing can take an amazing amount of time and it's simply impossible to prepare hundreds of images for a client to view or buy. If you are a client of mine, with a private online collection of photos, these, for the most part, are "proofs" and are un-edited. The concept is that you pick out the photos that you really like and then they will be edited by me prior to printing. Sometimes they are just perfect right out of the camera, but often they are improved by some minor tweaks and cropping. Sometimes you might think "I love this photo, except it's too bright". This can be easily fixed or improved with a RAW file in Photoshop. It's important that the public is aware that editing is a huge part of the photography process and that it takes much more time than the actual photo took. A single family photo may take just 5 minutes to pose and capture, and yet may require 30 minutes to download, backup, crop, edit, prep for print and upload to the desired location.

Here are some photoshop mock-ups that were produced for a client's office. They have 20 pieces coming in high-gloss HD Aluminum!

Just finished a 5 piece install in an office building, downtown, San Diego. Here's the before and after of my favorite piece, from mockup to finish!

The Golf Channel used a ShayArt image recently during a feature of Titleist Staff member, Steve Wilson, of The Bridges at Rancho Santa fe

Here's the finished Scripps Pier project in a beachfront home, Del Mar, California.

Check out the amazing work of my good friend and mentor, Bill Rastetter!

Bumann Ranch 2013 Twin Barns

Here's an image of the Vatican taken from Ponte Umberto in Rome, above the Tiber River. I happy that it won "Honorable Mention" this year at the San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography.

  • 14fair2
  • 14fair

May 2014- Here's a photoshop mockup of an order being processed for an oceanfront home in Del Mar, CA. It is located on the wall of a staircase. The image of Scripps Pier was originally an horizontal image, but was cropped to a vertical orientation. It will hang at 47" wide by 67" tall as a canvas gallery wrap giclee.

May 2014: Currently working on an office art project for the Aviation company, Component Control in San Diego. Seen below is a digitally created mockup of just one of many office pieces planned. More to come!

ShayArt is proud to note that for the second year in a row, a large number of photographs were selected to be in the 2014 San Diego County Fair, Exhibition of Photography. Below are the 7 images that were selected this year as finalists by a panel of judges in the international competition. Each year there are around 6,000 entries. In 2013, there were 8 images accepted and awards were won with 4 of those.


Recent Install, April 2014.

This custom produced image hangs in a home in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. It is 66" wide, much larger than it appears here in this photo. Fine art giclee print, dry mounted, matted and framed in mahogany wood frame, glazed with acrylic.

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